Getting Started as an Affiliate


Log into your Appalachian Standard account and then use the link below to sign up for your personal Affiliate Link on our website! Once you are signed up, you are ready to go and start sharing your link baby! 

Create Affiliate Account 


Our starting commission for all affiliates will be 30%. Commission payouts will be bi-weekly, so you can expect your first payout around Friday, August 27th. 

Payment is the second and fourth Friday of every month via Direct Deposit. You must have made at least $20 to receive payment. If your current balance at time of payment is <$20, your payment will get credited to the next payment cycle. 

Affiliate Dashboard 

Once you sign up to be an affiliate, you will have access to the Affiliate Dashboard where you can find all of the things you need to be successful. You can track your sales and your earnings, create your links and find your coupons! Your affiliate link is kept here, as well as your personal discount code.


Do my referrals need a code? 

No, your referrals just need to use your affiliate link to access your store! The affiliate program uses cookies, and if someone has clicked on your link once, if they access the website it will automatically direct them to your Affiliate URL. 


Terms and Conditions

]Be sure to read the terms and conditions that have detailed information about the terms of your payment, use of your affiliate code, and use of discount codes.

  • You will receive a discount code that is for your personal usage. This code is not to be shared with anyone else!
  • Orders that are placed by you under different emails are considered fraudulent orders and will lead to suspension from the program.

Read the full Terms and Conditions Here