A Guide to Hemp Ingestibles

Hemp ingestible products are derived from the hemp plant and are either absorbed sublingually (under the tongue), or through the digestive tract. Many scientific studies show promising results regarding the daily use of hemp products and their effect on the endocannabinoid system which regulates many major systems and functions in the body. The idea is that compounds in the hemp plant interact with receptors in the endocannabinoid system (or ECS) and promote the ECS to remain in homeostasis causing improvement in symptoms of certain chronic ailments and helping bodily systems function seamlessly and at their highest potential. 

Different types of Hemp Ingestibles


Tinctures: Tinctures contain hemp extract oil and a carrier oil (such as MCT oil) that helps the hemp to be more bioavailable, or more easily absorbed by the body. Tinctures are absorbed fastest when dropped and held under the tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. 


Softgels/capsules: Softgels resemble over the counter liquid gels that one might find in a drug store and are filled with hemp tincture. The only differences between tinctures and softgels are going to be that softgels are pre-dosed, and flavorless, whereas tinctures must be measured for the dosage and have a slightly hemp-y flavor unless other flavors are added. 

Edibles: Edibles are foods (usually candies) that are pre-dosed, made with extracted hemp oil and are absorbed through the digestive tract. They come in a wide variety of flavors and textures. Some of the most popular edibles are made in the form of gummies, lollipops, hard candies, and chews.


Ingestibles might be a good option for someone who…


-Has a chronic condition.

Consistency is key when it comes to taking hemp products and achieving desired effects. For folks who deal with ongoing chronic symptoms, taking an ingestible hemp product daily might help maintain homeostasis in their endocannabinoid system and to keep pesky symptoms at bay. Results are most effective when products are taken consistently, similar to a daily multivitamin or supplement. Pain, insomnia and anxiety are some of the most common conditions hemp products are sought after to help relieve. 


-Needs longer lasting relief.


Although every body metabolizes hemp differently, most effects from ingestible products last anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. For most people, the effects of combustible methods such as vaping and smoking typically kick in quickly (within about 10-15 minutes), but only last about two hours. People experiencing pain or needing help with sleep tend to prefer products that last longer. 


-Has asthma or other respiratory conditions that prevent one from smoking or vaping.


Unlike smoking and vaping, ingestible hemp products pose absolutely no risk of harm to the lungs. This is especially helpful for folks who deal with asthma, other chronic lung conditions, or who are simply sensitive to smoke. Ingestibles are also more discrete and convenient as most public spaces are not smoke or vape friendly and can be offensive to others.


-Needs a specific dosage.


All ingestible hemp products are either pre-dosed or easy to measure a specific dose (like tinctures). This can be helpful for someone who has just begun their hemp regimen journey to pinpoint their ideal dose for relief and stick to that dose consistently. Ingestibles are the only method where individuals can be fully aware of the dosage as it is difficult to accurately determine a specific dosage amount when someone is smoking/vaping hemp or applying a hemp topical product. 

Final Thoughts

Ingestible hemp products are some of the most popular ways in which people choose to incorporate hemp into their daily lives. In addition to their convenience, longevity in effects, and precise dosage, they boast a lengthy list of possible benefits and relief from several ailments and conditions which make them a great choice for hemp novices and experts alike. 


Here is what some of our customers have to say about our full spectrum hemp tinctures:


“I use this blend for chronic pain, and it helps lessen the aches. 10/10 recommend. I’m able to do a bit more than I used to, and I’m forever thankful.”


“Taken nightly, this has changed the game with my fibro pain. This helps me wind down at night and keeps my pain in check. If I go without it, I can definitely tell.”


An ESSENTIAL!! Can’t live life without it. I take this every night and it has changed my life. I struggle with severe OCD and anxiety and since using the tincture, my mental health has improved so much! Highly recommend!”


What is a COA and how do I read them?

One thing that really sets good CBD companies apart from the not-so-good ones is transparency regarding their products. Since there are not a lot of quality regulations in the CBD industry, not everyone follows best practices and standards. One way to know exactly what you are getting is to buy from a company that provides Certificates of Analysis for their products. Certificates of Analysis, or COA’s for short, are tests run by third party companies to test a CBD product and report exactly what is (and isn’t) in that product. Since the tests are done by separate companies that operate certified labs there is no way to cheat these tests or alter the results/findings. There are many types of these tests but arguably the most important would be a Cannabinoid Profile test. This tells you exactly what cannabinoids (the active compounds in a CBD hemp plant) are present and in what amounts. Armed with this information, customers can know exactly how much of the product to use to achieve the results they are looking for! At Appalachian Standard, we pride ourselves on testing all of our products and making that information available to all on our website.

Reading one of the results findings from these tests can seem daunting but it’s very straightforward. For reference, here is the cannabinoid profile results from Abacus flower. There are two columns, % and mg/g, which refer to how much of a specific cannabinoid is in the sample. % and mg per gram are functionally the same thing except that % refers to a number from 0-100% while mg/g references how many milligrams are in a gram of the sample (one gram is 1000 mg). Therefore the numbers are actually the same thing, just different by a multiple of 10. For example, Abacus contains 16.31% Max Active CBD which means that there are 163.1 grams of Active CBD in each gram of flower. Using this information, a user can extrapolate how much CBD is in a certain amount of the flower – half of 163.1 is 81.55 so that’s the amount in a half gram of flower. ¼ of 163.1 is 40.78, etc etc. Some CBD is lost in the process of smoking but this is a great way to have a baseline understanding of how much of the cannabinoid you will be consuming!

One thing you will notice is that there are lines for CBD as well as CBDA, and there are lines for THC and THCA. The -A on the end refers to Acid. CBD is cannabidiol and CBDA is Cannabidioilic Acid. You will find that CBDA is more present on the plant by far. CBDA and THCA are the chemical precursors to CBD and THC respectively. To convert them, some kind of energy is needed to break bonds which change them to their final form. This is why you have to smoke flower instead of just eating it, for example. The heat breaks down the molecule and allows the conversion to take place. Therefore the lines for CBD and CBDA and THC and THCA are functionally interchangeable. The CBDA number should be added to the CBD number to calculate the amount of total CBD on the plant. The COA also lists a number for “Total Cannabinoids” which is the sum of all of the different cannabinoids that are measured in the test.

One other thing to keep in mind is that there is a column for the “LOD (mg/g)” as well. This refers to the Level of Detail of the test. In the Abacus COA, this is either 0.2 or 0.4 mg per g (which means 0.02% or 0.04%). The LOD is the smallest detectable amount of the particular cannabinoid that the test can measure. If something is less than the LOD it means there is less than 0.02% or 0.04% present in the sample so it’s a functionally non-existent amount. For example, Delta 8 THC is one such molecule on the Abacus sample (and all of our strains actually).

Now that you are armed with the knowledge of how to read these scientific test results, you can really dial in which products work best for your needs and how much of them you will need to use to achieve desired results. Of course, please always feel free to reach out to customerservice@ross.farm if you have any questions about any of our products or our COAs!

Health & Wellness Tips and Tricks

Here at Appalachian Standard, we believe that everyone deserves to reach their highest potential of happiness and health in life. Sometimes all it takes is implementing small changes or additions to your daily routine to help better support your wellness journey. We are here to guide and support you every step of the way! Here are some quick ways you can get started on becoming the best YOU you can be!

  1. Stay hydrated.

It may sound simple- but did you know that up to 75 percent of Americans do not drink the recommended daily amount of water? Without adequate hydration, many major organ systems in the human body can begin to fail. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, adequate daily hydration for men is about 15.5 cups of water per day and about 11.5 cups for women. Carrying around a reusable water bottle wherever you go can help make all the difference in getting your daily hydration in!


  1. Feed your endocannabinoid system.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system that helps regulate several major bodily functions/systems. Sleep, mood, pain,  memory, stress, and immune function are all regulated by the endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol (or CBD) and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant interact with the endocannabinoid system and can help those bodily systems function to their full potential. Taking a CBD product daily is key in keeping that endocannabinoid system fired up. Tinctures are a great option to take daily and keep the CBD built up in your system. Check out this blog post on how to get started with a CBD regimen!

  1. Move your body.

According to the CDC, only 53% of Americans meet the physical activity guidelines for aerobic activity. Daily exercise boasts a lengthy list of mental and physical health benefits such as: managing weight, reducing risk of heart disease, helping with blood sugar management, improvement in mental health/mood, optimizing brain function, and improving the quality of sleep. It might seem daunting to carve out enough time for a full workout at the gym, but even taking short walks and using the stairs over elevators can make a big difference! It doesn’t really matter how you do it, as long as you get out there and move that bod!!


  1. Optimize gut health.

The largest immune system organ found in the body is the intestinal tract, where your gut microbiome is located. Digestion, inflammation and metabolism are all affected by the gut microbiome. Certain mental health and mood disorders can be caused by an unhealthy gut microbiome. You can easily improve your gut microbiome by altering your diet and incorporating more colorful fruits and vegetables, fiber, fermented foods, reducing stress and using pre-biotic and pro-biotic supplements. You might also consider our green juice powder which was designed to help fight inflammation and detoxify the liver, kidneys and gut.

  1. Stimulate the vagus nerve.

The vagus nerve is the longest cranial nerve that starts at the brain stem and runs down both sides of the neck and into the chest. It plays an important role in mood, breathing, immune response and digestion and is key in the regulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system balances flight/fight/freeze responses, therefore stimulating the vagus nerve can help to switch back to the parasympathetic mode and achieve a feeling of calm during times of extreme distress when those primal instincts start to kick in. You can stimulate the vagus nerve by deep breathing, cold exposure such as finishing your shower with cold water, meditation, and massaging the feet, throat and ears.


If you have any questions about any of these wellness tips, or need more in depth guidance regarding any of our products, please feel free to reach out to us at customerservice@ross.farm!

The magical world of CBD Topicals!

CBD and your skin are a match made in heaven!


CBD can be ingested in so many ways, and a great way is through topicals! These are CBD products you apply directly to the skin and can include lotion, muscle gels, body oils, and of course salves! The Endocannabinoid System doesn’t only have receptors inside our body, but Endocannabinoid receptors are also located in our skin! This means topical application of Full Spectrum CBD can directly interact with the receptors in our skin.

Unlike regular topicals, CBD-infused topicals react with cannabinoid receptors in your body and in some cases can remove pain for longer periods of time! This is a great use of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties which is what makes it effective for many people’s pain. Using topicals has the additional benefit of allowing a person to target a specific area that needs relief – think achy joints, sore muscles, menstrual cramps, even the neck and temples for relief from headaches!


Topicals generally start working 15-30 minutes after being applied, and the effects last anywhere from 2-4 hours. We have also found that these topicals have compounding effects when used on a regular basis over time.


In addition to relieving pain, CBD products can be especially useful after a long day of soaking up the sun! Let us introduce you to Southern Sun Body Mist, which is full of so so much goodness! One can use it year around for slightly toasty skin in the summer as well as chapped, dry skin in the winter. Southern Sun contains so many good things for the bod, including Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Jojoba…and of course, our full-spectrum hemp CBD goodness. So you will get relief from inflammation as well as a natural, non-oily moisturizer for your skin!


Top 5 Frequently Asked CBD Questions

If you find yourself in the midst of a wellness journey and interested in adopting a CBD regimen, you might have some questions about getting started. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, so know that you’re not alone in the search for reputable CBD facts. In this blog post, we will set the record straight and answer our most frequently asked questions regarding the use of CBD. 

  1. What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD is a chemical compound, or cannabinoid, that is highly prevalent in the Cannabis plant. Since its legalization status in the United States by the Farm Bill of 2015, many scientific studies have suggested  that CBD can be beneficial for a rather lengthy list of chronic ailments and health issues. CBD has become a popular tool for folks who are transitioning to a more holistic, happy and healthy lifestyle. 

2. Will I get high? 

The short answer is no. CBD differs from traditional cannabis, in that there is a much lower amount of THC in the hemp plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC,  is the cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that causes psychoactive effects (a high) among users. Hemp plants used to make CBD products are legally required to contain less than .3 percent THC, which is generally not enough to cause psychoactive effects. 

If you are one of the many that have tried traditional cannabis and experienced an onset of paranoia or anxiety, you understandably might be a little worried that CBD would cause the same effect, however you can rest assured that the trace amount of THC in CBD products is not enough to cause anxiety. In fact, most people find CBD to be helpful in mitigating anxiety. 


  1. Will CBD products cause me to fail a drug test?

It is hard to say for sure. There are many factors at play when it comes to the correlation between passing/failing a drug test and CBD usage. The sensitivity of the test, the frequency and amount of CBD products you are using, as well as your body’s metabolism all affect the outcome of a drug screening. 

All of our products are full spectrum, meaning they do contain a trace amount (below the legal .3 percent limit) of THC in them. Due to this trace amount, we do not advise customers who are drug tested to use any of our hemp products in the off chance that THC  would be detected in a drug screening. Please note that we are not liable for any failed drug screenings.

We choose to offer solely full spectrum products to maintain the integrity of the hemp plant in its most natural form and to optimize the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the idea that keeping all of the cannabinoids (including CBD and THC)  found in the hemp plant intact, they work best when working in unison with one another rather than isolating CBD or any of the other cannabinoids. 


  1. What dosage should I start with?

Of course everyone is different, so the correct dosage to start out with varies from person to person. We typically encourage customers who are new to CBD to start somewhere between 15-25mg daily and evaluate results before increasing dosage. 

It is important to note that if you are eating edibles, it does take longer for the CBD to work its magic as opposed to smoking pre-rolls or vaping, so make sure to wait at least an hour before eating more. Also, sometimes it can take a few weeks to feel the full effect once incorporating CBD into your daily routine, so don’t be discouraged if you aren’t feeling the desired effects right off the bat. 

  1. Can I give my child and/or pet CBD?

We cannot legally recommend giving CBD to anyone under the age of 18. In 2018, the FDA approved a hemp derived medication to help children with specific forms of epilepsy. We have heard a lot of anecdotal evidence from our farm fam that CBD has helped their children in various ways, but we still strongly recommend reaching out to a medical professional before administering it to your child. 

On the other hand, it is safe to give your dogs and cats CBD! Just as humans have an endocannabinoid systems, animals do as well and can potentially benefit from taking CBD depending on the issue and its severity. A large number of veterinarians and researchers alike agree that CBD may be effective for treating conditions such as arthritis, epilepsy and anxiety in dogs. As far as dosage goes, we recommend giving 1-2 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight and then seeing how your pet responds to that before giving them more. We also encourage reaching out to your veterinarian just to make sure they think CBD is a good option for your furry friend!  Be sure to check out our pet tincture if you get the green light from your vet! 

We hope you find the answers to these common questions helpful! Please feel free to reach out to customerservice@ross.farm if you have any further questions or need guidance regarding anything CBD! 


5 Ways to Consume CBD

If you are considering taking cannabidiol (CBD) for a specific ailment or health benefit, depending on the goal you are trying to achieve, there might be a method of intake that is best suited for you. Here we will go over some of the most popular ways to use CBD to ensure that you choose a product that is tailored to meet your needs!

  1. Tinctures and Gel Capsules

Tinctures are a great option for those seeking a daily CBD regimen. They are absorbed into the bloodstream fastest when dropped underneath the tongue and held there for about a minute. 


Gel capsules are essentially a pre-dosed tincture and offer the same benefits. Both tinctures and gel capsules work best when they are taken consistently every day. 



  • The tinctures are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) causing them to be fast acting 
  • Both are used to help relieve stress, anxiety and to aid sleep
  • Offered in different concentrations/strengths
  • Tinctures are also offered in different flavors 
  • Dosage is already taken care of with the gel capsules
  • The effects last longer than with combustible methods



  • Some are sensitive to the strong hemp taste in the non-flavored tincture options
  • FIguring out the correct dosage with the tincture can take a little time


2. Edibles

Another popular method of intake, CBD edibles are simple yet effective when it comes to relieving stress and pain. 


  • Simply put- they are delicious! (I mean, have you tried our boujee bears?)
  • Convenient to take on the go 
  • Dosage is simple, you can eat however little or as much as you want


  • Effects take longer to kick in as they have to be digested before they are absorbed

3. Topicals 

CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin and are especially helpful for people who experience pain in localized areas. 


  •   A great option for people who deal with arthritis, chronic pain from previous injuries, or have physically strenuous jobs
  •  Very easy to apply directly to problem areas 
  •  Depending on the specific product, they can also be beneficial for dermatological issues such as dry skin and eczema 


  • Not helpful for stress and anxiety like other methods

4. Vaping 

Known for its convenience and efficiency, vaping is another popular method especially among younger generations of CBD users. 


  •  Has a high bioavailability rate in comparison to other methods since the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs
  •  A little more discreet than smoking as it does not produce large clouds of smoke (instead small clouds of vapor)
  • Can be helpful for stress, anxiety and pain
  • Is offered in flavors with added terpenes for folks who don’t care for the taste of hemp alone
  • Effects are felt faster than ingested methods (tinctures and edibles)
  • Not as harsh on the lungs as smoking


  • You must have a proper device (battery) in order to vape (we sell these!)

5. Smoking

The most simple and natural method of enjoying CBD, smoking flower is great for those who truly enjoy all aspects of the hemp plant. 


  • Has the most flavor, so you can really experience the unique taste each strain has to offer thanks to the terpenes found in each plant 
  • The ritual of smoking is often associated with a relaxing, self-care part of your day (AKA a smoke break) 
  • Like vaping, smoking has a high bioavailability rate
  • Great for anxiety, pain relief and sleep
  • One of the most affordable methods of consumption in terms of CBD per dollar spent 
  • Effects are felt faster than ingested methods


  • Can be harmful for those with asthma or other lung conditions 
  • Not as discreet as other methods
  • Effects don’t last quite as long as ingested methods 

If you need any more assistance choosing the right method or product, feel free to email us at customerservice@ross.farm! 


5 Reasons to Use CBD

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound in the cannabis plant. CBD directly impacts the endocannabinoid system and studies show it can help regulate major bodily functions and systems. If you’re on the fence about whether CBD is right for you, here are 5 benefits and reasons you may want to start a CBD regimen:

  1. CBD may reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. Scientists believe the main receptors in our body that CBD interacts with are the CB1 and CB2 receptors. These receptors are primarily found in the nervous system and scientists believe CBD may affect these specific receptors by altering serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood). Several scientific studies show evidence that CBD promotes a calming effect in the central nervous system. This may lead to less people relying on pharmaceuticals to control their anxiety and depression. 
  2.  CBD may help relieve symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD). As many as 10% of people experience PTSD at some point in their life. Common pharmaceutical treatments for PTSD are often shown to be ineffective and at the cost of substantial side effects for users. Clinical studies show CBD to be effective in altering aspects of traumatic memories by activating CB1 receptors resulting in the improvement of PTSD symptoms. 
  3. CBD may help treat addiction. It is no surprise that with the ongoing opiate epidemic in the United States, there is also a huge surge in heroin use disorder. Addicts in the process of recovery are typically prescribed pharmaceuticals such as Suboxone and methadone to help reduce cravings. However, these medications are difficult for some users to obtain and often abused as they produce a euphoric feeling. In a clinical trial published by the American Journal of Psychiatry, individuals taking a CBD medication report having less drug cravings after being exposed to videos showing drug related activity than those receiving a placebo. 
  4.  CBD may help reduce pain and inflammation. A staggering 50-116 million adults in the US deal with chronic pain according to the National Institutes of Health. The treatment and medications given to those who deal with chronic pain are highly addictive and come with an array of risk factors and side effects. Arthritis is among the top causes of chronic pain in adults. Cannabinoids are thought to be an anti-inflammatory, although there’s much more research to be done on the relationship between CBD and inflammation.  The idea is that CBD alters inflammation by reducing pro-inflammatory enzymes in the body called cytokines. In a scientific study published in the European Journal of Pain, when given topical CBD gel, inflammation and pain due to arthritis both decreased. 
  5. CBD may help with insomnia and trouble sleeping. By far one of the most popular reasons our customers turn to CBD is to help improve their quality of sleep. Anxiety can cause restless nights, which can then turn into more anxiety and more restless nights, quickly becoming a vicious cycle. As many as one-third of Americans report sleeping less than 6 hours a night. In a scientific study published by the Permanente Journal,  evidence shows that CBD helps tackle the root causes of insomnia, whether it be anxiety, or pain. The correlation between CBD and its effects on sleep is still being researched, but it is thought that CBD lowers cortisol levels in the body, thus acting as a sedative for those who struggle with sleep and experience high levels of cortisol at night. 

While the potential benefits of CBD are plentiful, there are a few mild side effects people may experience when taking it. Although rare, they include: drowsiness, dry mouth, lightheadedness, nausea and diarrhea.  It is important to note that we strongly encourage checking with a physician before quitting or cutting down on any prescribed medications and also to make sure CBD will not interact with any medications you are currently taking. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at customerservice@ross.farm!


CBD For Beginners

Thankfully, the stigma against hemp and cannabis use is starting to shift and the benefits of this magical healing plant are surfacing, drawing people from all walks of life seeking natural relief. You might be considering starting a CBD regimen for a more holistic approach to manage chronic pain or anxiety, to help maintain focus, or to simply get a better night’s rest. Here we will take a deeper dive into what CBD is, how it works, and what different intake method options are available. 


CBD or cannabidiol is the naturally occurring cannabinoid that is found in the cannabis plant. Although it is oftentimes confused with marijuana, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects in users the way that another cannabinoid, THC, does.  Research on CBD is still in its infancy, but multiple studies and a large body of individuals’ anecdotal reports show that cannabidiol provides users with an ever-growing list of medicinal benefits. 

All bodies (even animals) have an endocannabinoid system, a collection of cell receptors whose primary role is to regulate different functions and systems in the body. The receptors that make up our endocannabinoid system regulate major bodily systems. Endocannabinoids are actually created naturally within the body as well! Supplementing cannabinoids (like CBD) can be helpful to maintain optimal endocannabinoid system function, thus CBD can be helpful in regulating inflammation, sleep, immune function, and mood to name a few. 


As CBD products are becoming more popular and widely accepted as legitimate holistic healing remedies, there is an ever-growing abundance of different products and options when it comes to ingesting this beautiful plant. It can be a little overwhelming when trying to decide between them, but not to worry, we can break it down for you to make it a little easier to choose the method that’s best for you! 

Tinctures: Tinctures are a great option if you are wanting to start a daily regimen and they are especially perfect for those who want to avoid inhaling or smoking anything. Our tinctures contain two simple ingredients- full spectrum hemp extract and an organic MCT oil which acts as a carrier oil to increase the bioavailability of the extract – the extent to which the body is able to absorb it. It does take a bit longer for tinctures to kick in versus inhaled methods like vaping and smoking, but the effects from tincture last longer than the effects you get from inhaling. Tinctures work best when they are taken consistently every day and effects begin to compound over time. 

Pre-rolls and flower: Perhaps the most simple or old-school method of combustion, pre-rolls and flower are great for folks who are seeking to use CBD as needed or who truly enjoy the ritual of smoking itself. If you don’t have a pipe, grinder, or papers on hand, pre-rolls are a perfect solution, as all you need is a lighter! Our rollie flights are also a great way to start so you can try out multiple strains and see if a certain strain gives you more relief than others. 

 Vapes: If flavor and convenience are top priority for you- you might want to consider a CBD vape. The liquid in our stoke stick diffusers contain only full spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil. Vaporizing is different from smoking as vaping is transitioning liquid into vapor, whereas combustion (or smoking) entails burning a substance. Since vape pens heat CBD oil with a specific and consistent temperature that is easily controlled (in comparison to combusting with fire), there is less of a chance for CBD to be lost during vaping.  For those sensitive to a strong hemp-y taste, we also offer flavored CBD vape cartridges that are enhanced with all natural terpenes. Vapes are also easier to carry around and use in public since they don’t create large clouds of smoke like pre-rolls and they don’t smell as much since they are not combusting plant matter. 

Edibles: Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Similar to tinctures, CBD edibles take a bit longer for our bodies to break down and kick in, but these effects do last longer than combustible methods. Because of their longevity, edibles are great in the evening time before bed for improved quality of sleep. Our boujee bears are great to have on hand for those nights you need a little extra help falling asleep, not to mention they are insanely tasty! 

Topical CBD Salve by Appalachian Standard


Choosing between different strains can be a little stressful as there are quite a few options. There’s no need to stress though! The main difference between strains is going to be if they are indicas, sativas, or hybrids. Sativas are known to be energizing and mentally stimulating, whereas indicas tend to be more relaxing and calming. Hybrids are sort of a middle-of-the-road option as they are crossbreeds of the two. If you are seeking a strain to use during the day, a sativa might be better suited for you. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are needing something to aid sleep, indicas might be more up your alley. For a further look into different strains, you can find a more in depth article here. [← insert future blog post here.]


The amount of time it takes for the effects of CBD is dependent on the method of consumption, along with other factors like metabolism and tolerance of the individual taking it. Keep in mind that consistency is key when it comes to taking CBD and keeping your endocannabinoid system functioning at its highest potential. People tend to see the best results when taking CBD daily so that it is built up in their system. Smoking and vaping produce results almost instantaneously since the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs while ingested forms of CBD like tinctures and edibles typically take about 45 minutes to an hour to kick in. This varies from person to person but these are the results that are typical.


Whether you are wanting to add it to your daily routine or use it as needed, supplementing your endocannabinoid system with CBD is an easy way to help feel your best both physically and mentally. It takes a little experimenting to figure out what works best for your body, so keep in mind that what may work for some might not necessarily work for you. Dosage and preferred methods of intake vary from person to person. Also, it is important to note that we recommend that you speak to a physician before starting a CBD regimen. 

As always, feel free to reach out to customerservice@ross.farm for any further information or guidance on starting your CBD regimen!


Full Spectrum CBD vs Isolate vs Broad Spectrum

    If you have looked into CBD products, you have likely seen three different types of CBD for sale – Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, and Isolate products. But what spectrum is being referred to? In addition to CBD, hemp plants contain dozens of cannabinoids and terpenes – not only CBD but CBG, THC, CBN, CBC, myrcene, pinene and many more organic compounds. This ‘spectrum’ of cannabinoids and terpenes can contribute to the “entourage effect” whereby various cannabinoids and terpenes can work synergistically to enhance the effects of each other. We believe that this spectrum is crucial to enjoying the benefits of each individual plant and strain, as opposed to isolating individual cannabinoids.  Full Spectrum, Isolate, and Broad Spectrum are terms that refer to how much a hemp extract has been refined. All hemp plants are full spectrum and then when an extraction is made it can be further refined to isolate certain parts of the plant.

Full Spectrum: We exclusively sell this type of CBD product. When a product is full spectrum, it means that it is not altered in any way, preserving the Full Spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids exactly as it occurs in the plant. This includes trace amounts of THC (below the federal limit of 0.3% by weight). This is not enough THC content to cause a psychoactive effect (ie a high) but it can cause a person to fail a drug test. From strain to strain, the effects of the products are highly varied due to the different levels of compounds in the ‘entourage’ of that strain. That variability is what makes hemp so versatile for different uses which is why we only sell products that reflect that particular hemp plant in its purest form.

Isolate: CBD Isolate is CBD that has been extracted from a plant and then processed a variety of ways until all that is left is pure, crystalline CBD with no other compounds from the plant. This means that there is no THC at all, and no other cannabinoids or terpenes or flavonoids. CBD isolate is typically a white powder that has no taste or smell. Products made with CBD isolate can be useful for those who are subject to THC drug testing but they do not allow for the full entourage effect that is specific to Full Spectrum products.We do not currently sell any products made with CBD isolate as we believe in keeping the extract’s composition as close as possible to what is naturally occurring in the plant. Isolated CBD has become a large-scale commodity and it is what is most often used in cheaper (i.e. lower quality) CBD products that are on the market. We believe that removing the other plant compounds and cannabinoids from the product negatively impacts its therapeutic benefits.

    Broad Spectrum: A broad spectrum product is one that contains isolated CBD as well as other isolated cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN, and compounds from the plant such as terpenes which have therapeutic benefits of their own. Generally these products do not contain THC but sometimes do. It is helpful to think of broad spectrum as a ‘middle ground’ between full spectrum and isolate – not completely full spectrum and not completely isolated CBD. We do not sell any products that are Broad Spectrum in favor of the full spectrum approach.

CBD Oil For Beginners: Tincture Dosing


*Check out my YouTube video on how to take CBD Oil for beginners here.*

Strain Specific Hemp CBD Oil by Appalachian Standard

Maybe you’re a CBD Oil beginner, or maybe you have been using CBD oil tincture for a few months, but you aren’t certain on the best way to incorporate it into your lifestyle.

First off, yay! (Also, click here to check out our craft hemp goodness, if you haven’t yet.)

Second, by the end of this short read, you’ll know a good baseline dosage to help you incorporate Full Spectrum CBD oil into your life.

As always, we advise you to speak with your healthcare provider regarding these products.  The following information is our findings from being both hemp growers, processors, and through research that others have conducted.

Being your own advocate and educating yourself are two principles I heavily push on the cusp of this exciting Hemp Movement.

So, let’s dive in.


CBD Oil for Beginners – How Much to Take?

15mg to 25mg of CBD once or twice a day is what we suggest our customers begin taking.  The tincture is absorbed sublingually (Under the tongue) and held for 45 seconds to a minute before swallowing.

During this time, while you are determining your “Sweet Spot” for CBD, I suggest taking it an hour before bed.

This allows time to feel the results of that dosage and if you are feeling the effects from that dose, you can go to bed and try a bit less the next day.

After a few days of trying 15-25mg of CBD, if there is not a noticeable difference, increase to about 25mg to 50mg of CBD.

If after a week or so if there is no difference, increase your dosage incrementally by 5-10mg per week until desired result is achieved.  50mg to 100mg of CBD is the high end of the spectrum, used for more intense symptoms (See Chart 1 below for phases).

For example, in a large case series published online on January 7th of 2019 in The Permanente Journal titled, “Cannabidiol in Anxiety and Sleep” doctors gave patients from 25mg to 175mg of CBD daily.

This study also concluded, “CBD appears to be better tolerated than routine psychiatric medications,” and went on to say, “CBD displays promise as a tool for reducing anxiety in clinical populations…”

Amount of CBD per Product Matters!

These dosing levels are easiest to track/quantify on our Full Spectrum Tinctures.

For example, a full dropper (1ml) of our 3000mg, 30ml Full Spectrum Tincture is 100mg of CBD.

Our 1000mg, 30ml tincture has 33mg of CBD in a full dropper, and our 500mg tincture has about 16mg of CBD in a full dropper. Our 15ml bottles have a different total bottle CBD strength, but each 1ml dropper has the same amount of tincture per dropper full.

See below…

Craft hemp flower and pre-rolls are contingent upon the strain.

With our strain-specific COAs you will find, “Cannabinoids Total” (Click here for COAs).

I will post another blog in the future on reading these third-party lab tests to determine CBD dosing.

Dosing is very particular to and dependent on each person.  Finding our sweet spot involves listening to our bodies, as everyone is different and faces different mental/physical challenges.

Hemp products help one’s body achieve a better state of homeostasis, so you may not need to take as much as your friend to notice a difference.  The beauty behind hemp products is that they can be incorporated into one’s life to help achieve or continue a healthy lifestyle.

‘Til next time Hemp Hustlas!