Appalachian Standard

Pineapple Kush Hemp Flower

Genetics: (Sour Pineapple x RKD)

Sour or Sweet? Pineapple Kush Flower is your temporary get-away! This sativa cultivar falls into our Invigorate collection featuring dense, juicy buds with vibrant colors of green and purple with orange pistils.

Its aroma is sweet like fresh cut pineapples with earthy undertones transporting you to an exotic tropical oasis! Great for the daytime; Pineapple Kush has potential to combat the stresses of daily life by promoting relaxation. 

Pineapple Kush delivers uplifting and calming effects,  taking you on a tranquil journey with Pineapple Kush, where blissful serenity awaits. Enjoy the refreshing flavors available as rollies and trimmed flowers.

Pineapple Kush Flower is part of our Invigorate collection…we also have Baox, Hawaiian Haze, Special Sauce and many more!

Usage and Suggested Serving

Morning-Afternoon/1 gram per day or as needed

Cannabinoid Highlights

8.72% CBD

9.54% Total Cannabinoids



*Appalachian Standard's premium hemp flower is third-party tested for quality and purity and grown without the use of chemical pesticides, making it an ideal addition to your daily routine. All products are grown and processed in-house by us, from seed to sale! 

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All hemp products are grown without pesticides.