Oil I want for Chirstmas Holiday Box Set from Appalachian Standard with CBD and Hemp Vapes and goodies
  • Appalachian Standard Spa Bundle with Bath Bomb, Body Oil and Body Polish in the greenhouse surrounded by plants

    3 Step Spa Bundle

  • Body Oil - For the Love of Flowers is our 2 oz, 250 mg hemp body oil from Appalachian Standard Hemp

    Body Oil – For the Love of Flowers

  • Botanical CBD Hemp Bath Soak and Bath Salts

    Botanical Dream Bath Soak

  • Bouj Chews CBD Taffy Candy from Appalachian Standard

    Bouj Chews – Hemp Gummy Candy

  • Boujee Ropes

  • Dream Drops CBD Hard Candy from Appalachian Standard

    Dream Drops – Hemp Hard Candy

  • Fiddy Shades of Green Juice in Jar being Stirred

    Fiddy Shades of Green Juice

  • Juicy Watermelon 30ml 1000mg Full spectrum Hemp Tincture from Appalachian Standard Winter Flavor

    Juicy Watermelon 30ml 1500mg Tincture

  • FRONT OF SHIRT Last Prisoner Project Tee Shirt

    Last Prisoner Project T-Shirt

  • Mamas Lil helper Pre roll

    Momma’s Lil’ Helper Rollie Blend

  • nugs n roses rollie

    Nugs n’ Roses Rollie Blend

  • Pucker Up Sour Hemp Gummies

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte 30 mL 1500 mg Tincture from Appalachian Standard

    Pumpkin Spice Latte 30ml 1500mg Tincture

  • Source Code Preroll

    Source Code Solasta Rollie Blend

  • Starter Bundle Kit Hemp Bundle with Salve, Tincture, and Gummies from Appalachian Standard

    Starter Kit Bundle

  • Hemp-infused Luxury Sugar Scrub Body Polish

    Sugar Scrub Body Polish

  • Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb

  • Who's Your Daddy Hemp blend from Appalachian Standard

    Who’s Your Daddy Rollie Blend

  • Who's your Daddy t-shirt

    Who’s your Daddy? T-Shirt