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4oz Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner

The best part of a Grand Rising....a grand cleaning with 420 All Natural Cleaner!! Refreshing your space brings ALL sorts of peace and cleaning your smoking apparatuses is ESSENTIAL. It's so so so important to keep your pieces clean for a wayyyyyyy better smoking experience. A dirty piece affects taste, smell, and especially smoothness. SO KEEP 'EM CLEAN. How do we do it? We LOVE this Formula 420 All Natural Cleaner.

It works in under a minute on all SORTS of bowls and water pipes...we're talking metal, glass, pyrex, AND ceramics. And did we mention it's ALL NATURAL? That means that this formula is biodegradable and non-toxic. Um, YES. We stan a cleaner that doesn't harm our lil' home (and our lil' bodies). Each bottle includes:

  • 4 ounce bottle
  • All natural cleaning formula
  • Travel size
  • Cleans glass, metal, Pyrex, & ceramic

Use the 420 All Natural Cleaner formula in three super simple steps:

  1. Shake bottle thoroughly and pour even distribution of crystals and liquid into the item.
  2. Cover all openings and shake shake shake for one minute.
  3. Thoroughly rinse item under warm water, wash hands and enjoy!

You can use this formula on smaller items as well, by placing the piece in a seal-able bag, adding the formula, and shake shake shake! No need to soak, everything is done in about a minute. Talk about a time saver.

We use the 420 All Natural Cleaner on so many things...from some of our favorite bowls, to stellas, and even large water pipes. For best results, use this baby regularly and keep your smoke sesh fresh! We promise, it will change the way you smoke.

*Please note this cleaner is not appropriate for plastics and acrylics*


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