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Nitiraj Incense Sticks

From humble beginnings in 1978, Nitiraj Incense Sticks were formed in London to introduce the first quality traditional incenses in the UK market which were made from scratch using natural plant based ingredients. SUSTAINABILITY, y'all!! Now the product lines have expanded and stretch across the globe, bringing quality natural incenses to an outlet near you (that's us!!). These smell-good babes are hand crafted in India and set the MOOD for an unbelievable smoke sesh.

In addition, while most incense sticks are "coated," Nitiraj incense are created by infusing ingredients into the stick as they are mixed and rolled onto a bamboo stick. The result is a superior slow-burning incense stick that can last up to one hour per stick. HOLY MOLY.

Nitiraj Incense Sticks comes in 3 unique scents including:

  • Lavender - Get the ultimate relaxation for mind, body, and soul with lavender. This incense is made with natural resins, honey, aromatic wood powders, and lavender oil.
  • Om - Om incense sticks are reminiscent of the sweet floral scents found in temples and homes throughout India. Travel without traveling!
  • White Sage - White Sage is a clean and purifying scent, calming and sweet.

Each box contains 25 grams, approximately 10-15 hand-rolled incense sticks. And they all smell like heaven (seriously, processing right now smells like a sweet dream).

Use these yummy sticks to set the mood…we love to pair scents with strains. Lavender is great with Indicas like Cherry Mom and Suver Haze, which are used for relaxation! Om is a little more invigorating, just like Hawaiian Haze and T1, which are both Sativas. Need a place to burn them? We have several incense holders!

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