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Peach of Mind Hemp Vape

The Peach of Mind terpene enhanced Vibe Vessel is the juiciest, sweetest vibe vessel this side of the whole wide world. We're talking lip-smacking, Georgia peach good. 

Pro-tip: Grab a sip of sweet tea and then take a puff of this hemp lady for the ultimate in Southern yummy-ness. It brings only the best relaxation...think swinging on a front porch and puffing this babe during a summer thunderstorm. These babes are only available for a limited time so get ‘em while they're around!

How does Peach of Mind taste so good?

Flavor-enhanced terpenes are terpenes that are extracted naturally from fruits, flowers, and nuts. They offer the natural health benefits of terpenes but with the added benefit of tasting like something specific. Flavor-enhanced terpenes are the best of both worlds. The terpenes used to create the flavor are derived from natural plant matter and are NEVER from artificial flavors.

Product Includes:
CBD Filled Glass 500mg Cartridge

Ingredients in Vessels:
Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Distillate, Natural Terpenes, Organic MCT Oil (Contains Tree Nuts)

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