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Raw Six Shooter Cone Filler

The Raw Six Shooter Cone Filler is what the professionals use baby! Feel like our Processing peeps with this magical lil machine (well...they use 70 cone fillers to make all your goodness). It's super easy to use!

Fill 1, 2, 3 or 6 RAW Cones at a time and in under a minute. Inspired by an old Spanish millstone, just loosen the center pin and dial the plate to the quantity you want to fill. Place RAW Kingsize Cones or in the open holes, add your materials, fasten the top & start tapping! When you’re done, remove the top & press your base plate down on the table – the RAW Kingsize Cones will pop up like a toaster when you push down. #RAWinnovation

The Raw Six Shooter Cone Filler is perfect for our hemp CBD flower! Try Electra for a nice hybrid, or Suver Haze for a more soothey vibe. This Six Shooter fits King Sized Cones such as RAW's Classic KS or Organic KS cones. The recommended cone size is 104mm in length!

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