Appalachian Standard

Soapstone Round Incense Holder

The Soapstone Round Incense Holder is a beautiful, hand-carved incense holder that is heavy to hold (yep, it's stone y'all!) and will elevate any room through it's decor and function. This delightful soapstone incense burner features an open lotus flower/mandala design in a light blue color (we had to give you a lil App Standard reminder). The rest of the design is a sleek matte grey/black which is great for easy ash clean up. This holder can be used with stick or cone incense, and also as a pillar candle plate. The measure is approximately 4" diameter and 0.5" in height, and is made in India.
Get stoned and enjoy this Soapstone Round Incense Holder! We also have several incenses to choose from, including HEM incense and Nitiraj incense...both actual legends in the incense field (like...hundreds of years old y'all. So so old). Need some hemp or CBD enjoyables to set the mood? Try our Nugs 'n' Roses aphrodisiac, or any of the other select pre rolls we have!
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