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ThreadHeads Hemp Coin Pouch with Tie-Dye

The ThreadHeads Hemp Coin Pouch with Tie-Dye is the ThreadHeads Hemp Color Weave Coin Pouch's stylish big sister and this pouch did not come to PLAY! Carry all the hemp and CBD goodies you need to while you are out exploring the world with this beautifully hand-woven and slightly bigger pouch.

Made in Nepal from sustainably grown Himalayan hemp, the ThreadHeads Hemp Coin Pouch with Tie-Dye measures at 5" x 7" and has two pouches. An outside pouch is great for carrying a lighter, as well as any smaller accessories, cards, coins, and cash. The main pocket is large enough to hold a small glass piece as well as other things you may need as you go hiking or walk around town! There are two zippers to keep your goodies secure as well as a wrist strap for your convenience!

Since each of these beauties are hand-woven, the colors and patterns do vary. That's the spice of life though! Get ready for your next adventure with this pouch as an organizer, transportation, or a simple, adorable accessory!

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