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ThreadHeads Hemp Color Weave Coin Pouch

The ThreadHeads Hemp Color Weave Coin Pouch is a stylish lil pouch with not one, but TWO pockets and a wrist strap for when you need to be on the move. Hemp holds the key to everything baby!! Even fiber.

Each pouch measures approximately 4" x 4.75" and comes with a lil zipper to secure your hemp or CBD stash. Use it as an organizer, transporter for the goods (maybe throw your fav pumpkin spice latte vape in there!), or as a super cute accessory, especially since these babes are perfect for walks on a fall afternoon or late-summer concerts.

The ThreadHeads Hemp Color Weave Coin Pouch comes in a variety of colors and patterns and yes, it really IS woven with hemp! Each one is hand-woven in Nepal and comes from sustainable hemp growing practices, so not only are you doing a heckin' fashion, you're also helping Mama Earth. There is a front pouch--perfect for a lighter, as well as cash, coins, and cards, and a main pouch which is a little more roomy. Grab two of these--one for you and one for your festie bestie--and let the adventures begin!

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