Appalachian Standard

Who's your Daddy? T-Shirt

We really wanted this piece to hit the mark with…

•Fun, bold, RETRO colors and font that pops against the crisp white T-shirt
•Ink gives a “worn, vintage” vibe without the plastic-y feel. It’s inked into the material!
•Smokin’ “Whose Yo Daddy” icon to show everyone you came for a goooood time
•Fits true to size
•I’m wearing a Large here and cut out the neck for extra slouchy fun vibes.
•I also love my XL untucked to a relaxed look, or tucked into a sports bra with high waisted pants for a cropped look

(NOTE: I cut the neck in these pics because I love cutting these shirts. Shirt comes with timeless t-shirt neck seam.)

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