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5 Ways to Consume CBD

Jul 27, 2022Customer Service
If you are considering taking cannabidiol (CBD) for a specific ailment or health benefit, depending on the goal you are trying to achieve, there might be a method of intake that is best suited for you. Here we will go over some of the most popular ways to use CBD to ensure that you choose a product that is tailored to meet your needs!
  1. Tinctures
Appalachian Standard CBD tinctures surrounded by cacti
Tinctures are a great option for those seeking a daily CBD regimen. They are absorbed into the bloodstream fastest when dropped underneath the tongue and held there for about a minute. Gel capsules are essentially a pre-dosed tincture and offer the same benefits. Both tinctures and gel capsules work best when they are taken consistently every day. Pros:
  • The tinctures are absorbed sublingually (under the tongue) causing them to be fast acting
  • Both are used to help relieve stress, anxiety and to aid sleep
  • Offered in different concentrations/strengths
  • Tinctures are also offered in different flavors
  • Dosage is already taken care of with the gel capsules
  • The effects last longer than with combustible methods
  • Some are sensitive to the strong hemp taste in the non-flavored tincture options
  • FIguring out the correct dosage with the tincture can take a little time
2. Edibles 
Appalachian Standard CBD Boujee Bear gummy bag in a moss setting
Another popular method of intake, CBD edibles are simple yet effective when it comes to relieving stress and pain. Pros:
  • Simply put- they are delicious! (I mean, have you tried our Boujee Bears?)
  • Convenient to take on the go
  • Dosage is simple, you can eat however little or as much as you want
  • Effects take longer to kick in as they have to be digested before they are absorbed
3. Topicals 
Appalachian Standard Soothe Operator CBD muscle gel sitting amongst greenery and shrubs
CBD topicals are applied directly to the skin and are especially helpful for people who experience pain in localized areas. Pros:
  • A great option for people who deal with arthritis, chronic pain from previous injuries, or have physically strenuous jobs
  • Very easy to apply directly to problem areas
  • Depending on the specific product, they can also be beneficial for dermatological issues such as dry skin and eczema
  • Not helpful for stress and anxiety like other methods

4. Vaping 

Appalachian Standard CBD vape on the wood panel with moss


Known for its convenience and efficiency, vaping is another popular method especially among younger generations of CBD users. Pros:

  • Has a high bioavailability rate in comparison to other methods since the CBD is absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the lungs
  • A little more discreet than smoking as it does not produce large clouds of smoke (instead small clouds of vapor)
  • Can be helpful for stress, anxiety and pain
  • Is offered in flavors with added terpenes for folks who don’t care for the taste of hemp alone
  • Effects are felt faster than ingested methods (tinctures and edibles)
  • Not as harsh on the lungs as smoking
  • You must have a proper device (battery) in order to vape (we sell these!)
5. Smoking 
Pre rolls laid among plants in a wooden bowl surrounded by plants
The most simple and natural method of enjoying CBD, smoking flower is great for those who truly enjoy all aspects of the hemp plant. Pros:
  • Has the most flavor, so you can really experience the unique taste each strain has to offer thanks to the terpenes found in each plant
  • The ritual of smoking is often associated with a relaxing, self-care part of your day (AKA a smoke break)
  • Like vaping, smoking has a high bioavailability rate
  • Great for anxiety, pain relief, and sleep
  • One of the most affordable methods of consumption in terms of CBD per dollar spent
  • Effects are felt faster than ingested methods
  • Can be harmful for those with asthma or other lung conditions
  • Not as discreet as other methods
  • Effects don’t last quite as long as ingested methods

If you need any more assistance choosing the right method or product, feel free to email us at!

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