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CBD Rub Helps Musicians Relieve Chronic Pain

Jul 11, 2024Customer Service


CBD rub is now a go-to pain reliever for a lot of touring musicians. But don’t just take our work for it. You can hear it from them or find out for yourself! We recently sent a care package out to Denver for some shows. The green room was stocked with some of our favorite CBD products including our “soothe operator,” our CBD rub. Everyone at the show, from the musicians to the crew, even to some of the venue staff enjoyed the products. This was in Denver where THC is legal for recreational use! So let’s talk a bit more about how and why a CBD rub made such a big impression on everyone.

Chronic Pain from Repetitive Motion

Everyone knows about chronic pain. If you’re over 40, you likely experience some on a regular basis. Not to worry if you haven’t, it’s comin! 

Whether you’re a musician or an office worker, it’s likely that you work a lot with your hands. Sitting upright at your desk and typing all day can totally bring about aches and pains that you didn’t even know were possible. 

The same happens with musicians who are doing a lot of the same repetitive motion night after night, day after day, session after session.

Repetitive motion injuries are some of the most common injuries we know of. These come from the repetitive actions of daily living. So, we either have to stop doing this stuff or we have to figure out a way to live with it! 

Most of us can’t just stop doing our jobs. And if you’re a professional musician, you’re on the go a lot and need relief that’s not going to interrupt your mechanics or your mind.

Topical Treatment vs Analgesics

First thing to note is that we’re not medical professionals. We can only speak from experience. And the experience we have is that ibuprofen works great at pain relief for chronic pain. But, have ever tried a CBD rub for your ailments?

There’s almost immediate relief. Soothe Operator goes on easy and within just a few minutes, you’ll start feeling the effects. But, you’ll only feel the effects wherever it is you applied the CBD rub.

Let’s just play out a quick scenario. Let’s say that I need to change my guitar strings after load in and soundcheck but my wrist is really bothering me. In a perfect world, I’d ask Garrie, our stage manager to help me out. But, we don’t yet have a Garrie the stage manager to help me when my wrist flares up. So not only do I need to get my instrument ready for a show, but I need my hands to do it. 

Bring in the soothe operator! I quickly apply some to my wrist, give it a quick second, and I’m changing strings without much of an issue. You’re ready to ROCK and all because you sought some helpful remedies that aren't always top of mind in the world of rock n roll.

Musicians Need Focus

One advantage of a CBD rub is that it doesn’t impact focus or mental clarity in the least. A lot of folks have this image of professional musicians as rock stars who just party all night and sleep all day! But that’s pretty rare these days, at least for the musicians who want to keep working! 

Here’s a quick snapshot of a day in the life of a touring musician:

  • Wake up in a hotel room and grab a quick coffee from the hotel lobby.
  • Head down to the van/bus and hope that the rest of the band and crew is ready.
  • Drive/ride to the next town, usually between 4 and 6 hours.
    • Grab a bite along the way. Oftentimes, this consists of convenience store snacks which don’t offer proper nutritional supplements to help offset chronic pain.
    • Being cramped in a van also doesn’t help conditions like sciatica or other back or leg issues.
  • Arrive at the music venue.
    • This involves loading in amps, drums, instruments, etc. This stuff is heavy. Most bands don’t have much, if any, help. So multiply this by however many shows are on a tour and then double it (more on that in a second).
  • Set up gear and soundcheck
  • Sit around and wait til showtime for between 3 and 5 hours
  • Play show
  • Breakdown gear
  • Load gear into van
  • Drive to the hotel OR drive a few hours towards the next show town and then get a hotel.

    Someone has to be clear headed enough to herd these cats. If the person leading this charge has chronic pain, our Soothe Operator CBD rub can help to provide relief while making sure the show stays on the road.

    Why Musicians Need it

    How many things in life do you absolutely need BOTH hands to do well? I can’t think of too many - other than typing - which require this. 

    Let’s talk guitar players.

    You can’t play guitar with one hand. Your left hand is pressing down on steel strings, applying proper amounts of pressure to at least one string, but usually 4-6 strings. Your right hand is the rhythm. It’s moving in time with the band and making some serious magic happen. (Sometimes in the head of the moment, the right hand grabs the microphone while singing, but only if the singer has a flare for the dramatic.)

    Let’s talk bass players.

    Holy crap! Same thing but with MUCH more intense steel strings. The amount of tensile strength in your hands and forearms needed to master the bass is about twice that of guitar, which means twice the amount of relief could be necessary. 

    Let’s talk keyboards.

    Okay, it doesn’t take much physical dexterity, but like typing on keys, anything done in a repetitive enough motion over time will likely require some pain relief.


    These dudes are animals. Their entire body hurts. They should just bathe in the soothe operator and get it over with.

    CBD Rub for More than Just Musicians

    If you type for a living, you might have chronic pain. If you work construction or even if you just have chronic muscle pain, our Soothe Operator Muscle Gel is here to to help. Let's all start getting some targeted relief from those day in and day out aches and pains.

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