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Sugar Scrub Body Polish

Pamper yourself with our plant-based Hemp Infused Luxury Body Polish Sugar Scrub. You deserve it.

Our 8 oz, 500 mg Full Spectrum Bath Ritual Sugar Scrub is magic in a tin. Yummy chamomile and lavender combine with brown sugar and Epsom salt, to bless your bod. This luxury sugar scrub is exactly what you need for a night dedicated to YOU. Our polish not only makes your skin glow, but it soothes the soul too!

All Full Spectrum Hemp goodness soaks into your dermal layer to bring deep relief and relaxation.


Want to make an ultimate evening of pampering? Grab one of our Momma's Lil Helper Pre rolls, a bath bomb, and a bouj chew (or two); draw a bath, and let the relaxation station commence! YEEHAW!!

Take your skin care up a notch with our luscious Spa Bundle and Summer Body Care Bundle!

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All hemp products are grown without pesticides.