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Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb

Our NEW Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb with Hemp is here and so is the Relaxation Station baby!

This Bath Ritual babe turns your tub into a spa-like think tank of rejuvenation. Restore your bod with this baby-pink bath bomb as your bath turns into a fizzy fountain of delicate white goodness. Plus, these babes have 150 mg of Full Spectrum goodness for ultimate bod and soul relaxation! The sweet, sweet scent and tingling sensation of Vanilla Chai melts your skin into ULTIMATE bliss. We take relaxing very seriously around here, ok? And these Infused Bath Bombs are about as serious as you can get.

Best way to relax? Pair this babe with a pre roll or vape from our extensive list of Indicas, made to soothe your soul. We recommend Cherry Uno and Harle Cat!

Take your skin care up a notch with our luscious Spa Bundle and Summer Body Care Bundle!

Each package contains:

1 - Vanilla Chai Bath Bomb with 150mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Baking soda, Cream of Tarar, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA), Polysorbate 80, MCT Oil, Ethanol, Ctric Acid, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Organic Fragrance Oil

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