Lifter Hemp Flower


Need a lift? Lifter is a sativa-leaning hybrid cultivar that is great for getting that uplifted feeling while also feeling a sense of peace and calm. Lifter is one of the most popular CBD cannabis cultivars on the market due to its amazing attributes.

Cultivar Profile

The lifter plant grows huge dense buds that are a melange of dark greens and purples with orange hairs that contrast beautifully. The aroma is deep and earthy with notes of spice and a little hint of that coveted sweet grassy smell.

Its terpene profile is off the chart with high amounts of pinene, myrcene, and trans-caryophyllene. It has been tested at over 22% total cannabinoids, making it one of the most potent cultivars that we offer. This fabulous cultivar is a perfect specimen of a CBD cannabis cultivar and definitely worth a try—whether you are a beginner or someone with lots of CBD experience.

This amazing cultivar has been recognized on a national level, winning the following cannabis competitions:

*1st Place 2020 Golden Grow Awards*
*1st Place CBD Potency 2021 Golden Grow Awards*
*1st Place Judges Choice 2021 Golden Grow Awards*
*1st Place 2021 High Times Hemp Cup*

Usage and Suggested Serving

3-4 puffs as needed

Cannabinoid Highlights

20.7% CBD
22.05% Total Cannabinoids

Contains: THC-A
Genetics: SH50 x ERB

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