Gold Scalloped Spoon


The Gold Scalloped Spoon is the epitome of ~dreamy~. It's a beautiful color palette of glossy pinks and golds--just like a NC mountain sunset! This hemp and CBD piece is so elegant. The head of this piece has a beautiful pattern design that sucks you into a soft world. It's a perfect starter piece for all the otherworldly babes, or if you appreciate some pink!

Each Gold Scalloped Spoon is made right here in North Carolina and is approximately 4" - 5" long. It has a carb and several decorated buttons, as well as some on the side of the bowl for easier grip.

Grab one of our grinders and your favorite flower (get you some Lifter to reach alllll of your dreams!) and try them out with this beauty! We also have lighters because...well, no kit is complete without a lighter.

Since these babies are hand made, color and pattern on each piece will vary...but they'll all be stinkin' beautiful. Get your glitz and glam on with this beautiful babe!!

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