Hype Feather Spoon


The Hype Feather Spoon is an elegant, elevated glass piece that is ready to soothe your soul with it's peaceful vibes! We are so grateful to bring you hand made North Carolina products, including this babe. She's around 4" to 5" long, with a large head to pack a lot more green than the average bowl. We love this because it's perfect for picnic sittin' and sharin' with friends!

She also comes in three mesmerizing colors: green, blue, and purple, and man are they pretty. The glass is near translucent, but the pieces are easy to clean. Hold them up in the sunshine for a dazzling effect!

Grab one of our grinders and your favorite flower (the vibe here: relaxed, lounging in the sun...let's go with Cherry Blossom) and try them out with this beauty! Each Hype Feather Spoon has a carb and a button and is ready to create the perfect vibe!! We love our peace!!

Because they are hand made, each spoon varies slightly in glass pattern.

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