Nugs n' Roses Rollie Blend


A specialty blend from momma's Outlaw Blend Series

That's right baby, smokin' romance with our Nugs n' Roses aphrodisiac blend! Momma perfectly curates each of these herbs for their individual beauty and benefits that join together to create the most luxurious, sexy smoking experience...

  • Harle Cat: This seasons harvest of Harle Cat is a true game changer for feelin' goooood. She's one of our strongest babes for good vibes as she helps us unwind and loosen up. Harle Cat is an Indica leaning hybrid that soothes the soul.
  • Mint: Increases mental clarity, calms the nerves, optimizes blood flow and increases lung capacity.
  • Damiana: The tropical aphrodisiac. Increase mental clarity and boost mood with this soothing lil' yellow treat.
  • Rose Petals: Mood enhancer that nourishes the spirit, soothes the lungs and throat, may relieve headaches and helps open your heart chakra.

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