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OCB Rollers Rolling Machine

OCB Rollers come from the amazing creators of OCB hemp rolling paper! This hand-held rolling machine is compact and READY TO GO! It's light-weight, easy to use, and most importantly, super consistent for rolling. She's got everything!! Don't forget to grab a pack of papers, some flower, and a grinder to use with this machine (don't worry we got them all *smirk face*)!

The black OCB roller is made with Plastic, the biggie is made from hemp filament, and the bamboo is made from bamboo wood. These rollers also feature belts made of super-pliable, nonstick TPU to make rolling your own a breeze.

We have three styles to choose from:

  • Bamboo,
  • Black Cone Roller,
  • and the BIGGIE--meant for bigger roles of course! These babes roll 125mm pre-rolls and phew are they amazing y'all.

The Bamboo 110 mm pre rolls is made of eco-friendly bamboo wood. The Biggie is made of eco-friendly hemp filament. Because we love mama earth, duh!! Work great with OCB Rolling Papers.

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