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Hemp Candy Bundle

Call it the best bundle of all, the Candy Bundle has every. single. one. of our incredible main-stay candies.

The Hemp Candy Bundle Features:

  • Boujee Bears Hemp Gummies: Our original hemp gummies. These bestselling gummies are the perfect place to start on your hemp journey. They come with 10 gummies in each pack.
  • Boujee Ropes Hemp Candy: These are our take on the classic N3rds Ropes! Each bag comes with three delicious ropes.
  • Bouj Chews Hemp Taffy Candy: Taffy-tasting hemp candies that are simply too good to resist! Each pack comes with 10 delightful chews, and each candy contains 25mg of heaven (hemp. hemp is heaven).
  • Dream Drops Hemp Hard Candy: THE BEST hemp hard candy ever. Sleep better than ever with these lil' pillows of sweetness! Every bag comes with 10 candies at 25mg of hemp. YUM.

The Candy Bundle is the real deal. $95 value for $70?! Who does Mr. Boujee Bear think he is?!

Protect your gummies and candy from the heat!

We recommend purchasing insulated packaging insulated packaging with this bundle. If you do not purchase insulated packaging, then you may not be eligible for a Customer Service Claim for your melted gummies and candy.

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All hemp products are grown without pesticides.