Appalachian Standard

Fumed Cell Spoon

The Fumed Cell Spoon is literally a magician. It's a hemp-hustlin, CBD-smoking magic trick. We're not sure how it works, but we love it. (Just kidding we'll explain this marvel in a sec) This 4" long, white-ish spoon first starts as a ghostly glass piece, BUT a transformation takes place once you start using it!! Because it's fumed glass, as the glass heats up, the colors actually change (or really, the colorful glass reveals itself). IT LITERALLY CHANGES INTO A WHOLE OTHER PIECE!!

Each Fumed Cell Spoon is made right here in North Carolina, and has honeycomb patterning on the head of the bowl which becomes more revealed the more you use it. It has a carb and three buttons for maximum comfort and balance when holding this piece!

Grab one of our grinders and your favorite flower (match them ghostly vibes with a chill Indica, maybe a Suver Haze!) and try them out with this beauty! We also have lighters because...well, who doesn't need a lighter.

Since these babies are hand made, color and pattern on each piece will vary...but they'll all be stinkin' beautiful. It's like getting two pieces for the price of one!!

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