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Medtainer Grinder

The Medtainer Storage Container with a Built-In Grinder is in it to WIN IT baby!! This is the world's first air tight, water proof and smell proof medical grade container that doubles as an effective grinder, leaving you with a functional piece that will prevent any smells from escaping while also ensuring no air gets inside to dry out your material. LET'S GO!!

This storage container/grinder combo is constructed from an extremely durable medical grade plastic. It is absolutely 100% safe to use with your favorite dry materials. Keep it clean y'all.

Although it is constructed from a tough plastic material, this grinders teeth offers a grind quality that can easily be compared to many metal grinders on the market. We really love this lil' guy, it's perfect for travel and is so so so good at what it does!

Medtainer's measure in at around 3.5" tall by about 2" wide. This leaves you with a compact and highly functional sidekick that is able to store plenty of material at a time.

When a cleaning becomes necessary, the Medtainer Storage Container can be conveniently placed in a dish washer for a quick and effortless cleaning process. For those without designs, simply place it in a pot of boiling water for around 5 minutes.

Use this baby with some of our premium hemp flower and life is good!

Colors will vary!

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