Appalachian Standard

Om Namaste Wooden Incense Holder

The Om Namaste Wooden Incense Holder is a classic-style incense holder that is an absolute Farm Fav!!! Create a vibe meant for meditation, self discovery, and so much more with this beautiful lil wooden Incense Holder, not just with the holder itself, but also with the delicious scents from one of the many incense we carry. Try our Nitraj incense sticks or our HEM incense sticks, both amazing incense companies that have been around for decades (like a real REAL long time)! Patchouli, blood dragon, and lavender are a few of the scents we have.
Alright y'all. Let's do a quick, quick lesson. The Om Namaste Wooden Incense Holder is decorated with a purple Om sign, an incredibly important symbol to many cultures around the world. This includes South Asia and East Asia, appearing in important religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. But the Om means so much more! It can mean ultimate reality, entirety of the universe, truth, divine, supreme spirit, cosmic principles, knowledge, and most importantly...self within. We honor this incense holder by putting the Om on it!
The incense holder measurements are:
Shipping Weight: 0.13 pounds
Height in Inches: 0.5
Width in Inches: 1.5
Length in Inches: 10
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