PieceMaker Kali

9" PieceMaker silicone water pipe
“Dos and Don’ts”
Clean Frequently! (the same as any household or commercial silicone bakeware)
  • Periodic cleaning is the key to keeping silicone looking its best.
  • Constant use with no cleaning will cause inevitable staining.
  • A very gentle, but comprehensive cleaning may restore the look of the product.
  • Isopropyl alcohol can be helpful and is oftentimes mixed with rock salt for an even more effective cleanser.
  • Top rack dishwasher cleaning may also prove helpful.
  • Boiling carefully in water may help loosen up buildup.
  • Following every use of your piece, it is good practice to remove contents from the bowl and give it all a good rinse in warm water.
  • Abrasion is the enemy of silicone…it can rip and tear so hand wash or use a gentle, non-abrasive sponge or the like.
  • NEVER tap out that bowl as this will tear the silicone over time.
  • For pieces that haven’t been maintained for long periods, you can soak the piece and bowl separately for several days in a high percentage of isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol (91-99%) along with periodically using a gentle toothbrush on all parts.
Avoid Heat Damage
  • Stay away from very high heat (>500 °F)
  • Cold is pretty well tolerated
  • Only use a lazy red flame (NEVER a blue flame torch)
  • Flame should be applied only to the material you are trying to burn (not the silicone)
  • Direct, prolonged, and/or excessive heat on silicone WILL damage the piece leading to premature failure (tears, melting, burning)
  1. To remove the stainless steel bowl, hold the piece in your non-dominant hand.
  2. With your dominant hand, press your thumb into the bottom of the bowl and gently roll to the side and out of the silicone in a smooth action. This action should be done carefully as silicone can tear when forced or if already damaged.
  3. A paperclip, pin, or other tool may be useful in cleaning out the holes in the stainless steel bowl.

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