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Waterfall Buddha Backflow Incense Holder

The Waterfall Buddha Backflow Incense Holder. Y'all. HOLD THE PHONE. Look at this lil' Buddha cutie!! We love how he's perched on the holder, ready to transform your space into a more peaceful, sacred area. These lovely incense holders use backflow incense cones, which create smoke that gently flows over the actual incense holder. Did we mention how YUMMY your space will smell?! These babes are made with quality ceramics and are sleek, elegant, and easy to use!

Light your backflow incense and sit it at the top of the Burner. After a minute or so, the smoke will reverse from the top to the bottom, cascading down and around giving you a mystical effect. The smoke flows down and around finishing in the pool below.

Why does the smoke move downward? Incense smoke is usually denser than normal air as it contains tiny smoke particles. When a standard incense cone is lit, smoke flows in the upward direction as hot air is lighter than room-temperature air. However, smoke travels through the hollow tunnel with backflow cones and cools down as it travels the hollow path. After it cools, it becomes denser and exits from the bottom of the cone and in the downward direction.

The Waterfall Buddha Backflow Incense Holder is a matte finish and has a 'pathway' for the smoke which holds the smoke beautifully. We recommend adding your own smoke with one of our CBD pre rolls...something relaxing and sweet, like Cherry Blossom!

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